13 June 2018

JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong

In an age where PR has become more than Public Relations and earned media, how can PR and communications professionals redefine their role to win in the digital world? Formerly PR360, CampaignComms gives a third-eye look into the future of brand communications, by addressing the matters at the core of evolution.

Communications in Asia has matured at such pace that it’s unrecognisable to what PR was five years ago. Historically, communications and PR professionals might have looked to the West for inspiration and innovation but Asia has become a hub for new ideas and creativity. Now, we only need to look within, as KOLs and influencers dominate, e-commerce thrives, new channels develop and digital and economic growth goes from strength-to-strength. The growth and influence of social has become the strength and the weakness, as it increases its importance in the role of communications and intensifies the need for specialist skills in the region. Asia will only continue on its quest for global innovation through contemporary ways of thinking, advancing technologies and new rules for brand engagement.

It’s time to step up the game and rewrite the rulebook. So, what’s next in this exciting and dynamic era of digital and social influence?

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Rewriting the Rulebook for Brand Communications in Asia


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Campaign Asia-Pacific's opening remarks


Innovative Asia: The makeup of modern PR

The media and PR landscape is forever in a state of flux. Agencies are consolidating, traditional print is folding, and new players and digital capabilities are disrupting, causing PR agencies to bring in more creative talent to meet the growing demands of clients. Nothing is constant. The strength for APAC is in how businesses and consumers have adapted to the digital upheaval and speed of change in modern communications. E-commerce and social in the region have flourished and given brands more ways to reach consumers in meaningful and authentic ways. APAC has a real opportunity to lead the way. This opening panel looks at the evolution of PR in APAC and addresses where the pockets of strength are to take brand communications to the next level. What's in the makeup of modern PR?


Blueprinting the future of PR

How can PR embrace change and create a blueprint for their future role in brand communications? Are PR agencies investing enough in strategy for original thinking and creativity? What can PR learn from advertising, and advertising learn from PR? This panel debate brings the two sides of the coin together to address PR’s future role.


Are you prepared for the opt-out culture?

Three weeks into GDPR, we examine the real impact on Asia’s marcomms future, as global scrutiny over data ethics continues to affect consumer trust, and our European counterparts get serious. What are the implications and new considerations for brands? Are we in a trust crisis and how can we restore the faith in cynical consumers?


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The importance of localisation in China

Earlier this year, Marriott found itself in deep waters as China suspended its website following a mishap where the hotel chain listed Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan, and Macau as separate countries in a customer questionnaire. This was further provoked when an employee of the hotel chain liked a controversial tweet from an official Marriott Twitter handle. In May 2018 the issue hit the headlines again, with US airlines being asked to correctly label Chinese territories. This session takes an in-depth look at these case studies. What can be learnt from them and how can brands wanting to reach Chinese consumers localise their messages, understand local nuances, and avoid a similar crisis management mishap?


The big integration debate

Clients want integration but, what does integration really mean? Can an agency truly be fully integrated and who owns what discipline in the marketing mix? As the lines between marketing functions continue to blur and there is more of a demand for a holistic approach to digital marketing from clients, this debate looks at whether an agency can have every piece of the pie? Are full-service integrated agencies trying to do too much? Plus, how will the role of publishers and consultancies change the communications ecosystem in the next two years?


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Elevate skills: meeting the demands of modern PR

As more PR agencies bring in creative directors and the need for specialist skills intensifies, the issue of talent is more prevalent than ever. The blurring between paid and earned media and the growth of social influence is only going to strengthen. Part of the puzzle is education and defining what PR means today to those graduates who meet the requirements, but don’t see a role in communications or the value PR has for organisations. This session looks at how we can make communications desirable and revamp our approach to recruitment, and diversity in the industry. Is there an imbalance between women and men, young and experience?


Reaching Chinese millennials through authentic means

With consumers in China becoming more and more discerning, the spread of authentic branded content is vital for success. To do so, brands have a myriad of techniques at their disposal and the power of the KOL is where a lot of investment is still going, taking market share away from traditional media. Finding the right KOL or influencer to represent your brand in an authentic and genuine way is difficult and then there’s the challenge of ensuring any content is localised, appropriate and timely. This session looks at some of the key trends with Chinese consumers and how brands can make better use of KOLs. What does good branded content in China look like?

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Where’s the value in a like and the power of social listening

A retweet or a like on Facebook doesn’t mean conversion. Yet, marketers chase this seal of approval. Where’s the real value in a like or a retweet? In this session, we explore the value of social interactions and the metrics for successful campaigns. How do you qualify the value of social media? What tips and tricks in social listening can we implement in social strategies for more informed brand communications?


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Understanding the key channels and technologies changing the face of APAC

How can brands make use of WeChat and key local channels to create meaningful dialogue with local audiences, all while maintaining global brand alignment? AI is a key priority in China and is expected to substantially contribute to economic growth. How will AI and the adoption of other technologies affect brands wanting to reach audiences in China and other key emerging markets? This future-insight panel, aims to inspire and give practical uses of key channels and technologies to create meaningful dialogue with audiences.


The creative brand showcase

This inspiring quickfire showcase looks at the best creative brand campaigns of the past 12 months. Hear from the industry trailblazers who are innovating in their respective markets


Campaign Asia-Pacific's closing remarks

Programme is subject to change

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Who Should Attend

CampaignComms is the must-attend event for anyone working in communications today, uniting key-decision makers with remit across PR, communications, social media and content marketing.

  • AVP, Corporate Communications
  • Director of Communications
  • Brand Director
  • Director of Corporate Affairs
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Director, International Corporate Affairs
  • Group Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Head of Communications, Asia-Pacific
  • Head of Corporate Communications
  • Regional Communication Director
  • Regional Head of Marketing Asia Pacific
  • Vice President of Communications
  • Vice President, Marketing

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